Our Music 

We haven't posted in a while.  Just wanted to update everyone on our music.  Our single He Without Sin was picked up and currently being played on a cazillion internet radio stations.  Open the attached document for a view of our spin report for the month of September 2016 where we had over 8000 spins around the world.  We are very grateful to God. 

New project. 

Lilie and I are working on a radio play, it's very different for us, and exciting, new sic is coming although it's gonna be a while.

Been busy! 

Just finished uploading our Public Access tv shows to our Youtube channels..lots of great Christian programming,, well over 200 hours! Getting our studio ready for another album, stay tuned.


We are getting ready to work on new music, currently we are uploading a living legacy of messages by the late Bishop C. B. Jordan, Faith Temples Church of Christ Holiness Pastor for well over 50 years on YouTube...this video legacy goes back 18 years of rousing inspirational messages by the Bishop, as well as guest speakers, including myself. (I was a part of Bishop C. B. Jordan's ministers staff), Concerts, many milestone celebrations...that my wife Lilie Jackson filmed the majority of, and she also edited…

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New Music 

We know  it's about time for another album from us, we are feeling strong, and spiritually healthy, we appreciate all of the world-wide support for our Cd.." To the Least of These", time to pull our team together. Blessings to all.

Our latest happenings. 

Our music was up for some awards this month, our single " He Without Sin" was played all over the world (Literally), and enjoyed a growing popularity, however we did not win In the Gospel category. We would like to publically congratulate all of the winners, in all categories of the Akademia music awards, which is an outlet for independent artist.  There is a new project in the works, may take awhile, but it's a sure thing...thanks for your continued support.


We have been away for awhile, our music is up for some pretty nice awards, hopefully we will make a good showing, We want to thank BWD promotions  for promoting our music, as well as interviewing us, and keeping us current on well PurpleRose promotions for their incredible help, we are almost ready for another album, We love you all.

More Radio Stations added 


We just received the following exciting email, so please share with your friends. We're asking all that will to please email and request our song, "He Without Sin" by SoulDirection1 from the radio stations listed below. We will greatly appreciate your help. 

Dear SoulDirection1, 

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘He Without Sin’ received a very strong listener response in its first month of heavy rotation on five stations. This response has come in the…

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Radio playing our single "He Without Sin" 

In April we received the following email:

Dear SoulDirection1, 
It appears that congratulations are in order! We are pleased to confirm that beginning in April, your song 'He Without Sin' began rotation on five major stations targeting different geographic regions to begin testing listener response and feedback. Please be sure to tune in and share the below station links with your family, friends and fans. At this early stage, listener response can have a measurable impact on the outcome of your radio…

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Still in it. 

Our music is being played all over the world, just sent in material for press releases, and articles to be published about us.....God is good, have faith in Him!

Gigantic Gala 

We recently attended an Independent Music Awards Gala, over 2000 great artist from all over the world were I
there. We won best Christian/Gospel Album and Video for March....We were very surprised, we will post a picture of our plaque soon. Our Music Director Wes Millsap, along with his wife Cheryl were our guest. Our song "He Without Sin" is being tested for market appeal in 5 different markets.including being played overseas, we met many talented people who performed in any genres....great night, and fun…Read more